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Frosty Prairie Morning

January 29, 2014 | 4 Comments

mule deer, buck

Frosty Mule Deer Buck : Prints Available

Winter mornings after fresh snow are a highlight on any prairie lovers calendar and yesterday was magical for me. Rocky Mountain Arsenal is an urban refuge gem, especially when the conditions are just right. Here’s a few images from yesterday, when it was one degree at sunrise:

Winter at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, CO

A bison bull rests in pre-dawn light with a backdrop of Pikes Peak, about 100 miles distant.


Bald eagles, four juveniles and one adult, loaf in a frozen cottonwood before flying to their hunting perch for the day. I lost count after seeing more than 30 bald eagles leaving the evening roost in waves.

Winter at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, CO

Coyote tracks lead east on a two track. The prairie seems endless from this perspective.

Winter at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, CO

A tight bachelor group of mule deer with impressive racks!


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