1,500 Feet Over Gunnison

Aerial View of Tomichi Dome In The Gunnison Basin, Gunnison County, Colorado

Last week I returned to Gunnison in west-central Colorado to further develop the Sage Spirit story. I met with ranchers and flew with LightHawk pilot Jim Grady over the enormous basin, making images of the ranchland/public land interface. I’m awed by the beauty surrounding Gunnison – the Sawatch, West Elk, Elk, and San Juan Mountains – and don’t forget Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park. This image looks across Double Heart Ranch, the Waunita Gunnison Sage-grouse watchable wildlife site, and the 11,471 laccolith Tomichi Dome to the distant Elk Mountains. The flight is part of a “Tripods In The Sky” mission, a collaboration with LightHawk, the International League of Conservation Photographers, and me to illustrate the conservation challenges unique to the Gunnison community, and to discuss the pending Endangered listing of the Gunnison Sage-grouse. I’ll publish the full story here next week.

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