A-B Front Photo Essay

I just completed the second of three photo expeditions for the Tripods In The Mud Absaroka Front project, sponsored by Greater Yellowstone Coalition. I’m getting to know the area better, meeting wonderful people, and continue to focus on the remarkable diversity that makes the Absaroka-Beartooth Front one of the most important areas in the West.

greybull pass, absaroka mountain range

On Greybull Pass : Prints Available

 Self expression on Greybull Pass, high in the Absaroka Mountain Range. 

clark's fork canyon, rabbitbrush

Clark's Fork Canyon Mouth : Prints Available

 Blooming rabbitbrush colors the foreground leading to foothills that rise from the sagebrush. Clark's Fork Canyon opens just to the right of the red rock in this image.

Deb Thomas of Powder River Resource Council stands in front of Crosby 25-3, the Windsor Energy Rig that blew in 2006. Deb and her husband, Dick live along Line Creek and are among the families directly impacted by the blowout. Deb is now a staunch advocate for landowners facing imapcts from energy development.

pronghorn, mccullough peaks

Pronghorn Buck and Doe : Prints Available

 During autumn rut, this pronghorn buck herded a resistant doe back to his harem in McCullough Peaks. Antilocapra americana

John Fenton interprets a Crow Indian petroglyph near his home in Pavillion, Wyoming. John’s family ranches in the basin that shares the mineral rights with Encana, in the Pavillion Gas Fields. John was also featured in the movie Gasland – the Fenton’s have been heavily impacted by air and water contamination and are coping with a loss of their way of life from living with industrial gas production.

greybull pass, brown basin

Greybull Autumn Tundra : Prints Available

 Sunrise warms colorful alpine tundra in Brown Basin, along the Greybull Pass Trail. I hiked to the pass to view the headwaters of the Greybull River, one of the most important Yellowstone cutthroat trout streams in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
grizzly bear, greater yellowstone

Grizzly Track : Prints Available

 My size 11 boot adds scale to a large rear grizzly bear track on the Pahaska Trail, near Yellowstone's eastern border. The Shoshone National Forest provides crucial habitat for Greater Yellowstone grizzlies. 
greybull river, greybull pass, absaroka range

Greybull River, High In The Absarokas : Prints Available

 Just below its headwaters, the Greybull River snakes between high peaks of the Absaroka Range. Greybull Pass is the vantage point.

Pavillion, Wyoming resident Jeff Locker shows a dirty water filter – just a few days old – and a clean replacement at his home in Pavillion, Wyoming. Jeff’s family has been heavily impacted by living in the Encana Pavillion Gas Fields. They filter their water four times and “still can’t drink it.”

Pumpjack in Oregon Basin – The Greater Yellowstone Coalition is working with decision-makers, land managers and stakeholders on a plan to steer new energy development to places more appropriate than the A-B Front – like Oregon Basin near Cody.

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