A Vision Fulfilled

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge reached great heights today at their “A Vision Fulfilled” ceremony, marking the transition from Superfund Cleanup Site to refuge. Secretary of The Interior, Ken Salazar (pictured here) was among the distinguished guests and gave a great speech about the full circle journey of the land, the sacrifice of the settlers who gave up their farms for the Arsenal, the role of RMA in World War II, and the importance of the refuge. He spoke at length about why an urban refuge matters and how RMA is an example for the country of what we can accomplish and the vital role an urban refuge plays for outreach, education, and refuge for people. I’m proud and happy for my friends at the US Fish and Wildlife Refuge and thrilled to have had the opportunity to be there. Mr. Secretary, thank you for your support.

I’ll be writing more about RMA, the event and posting more images.

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