Absaroka Photo Essay

Presenting images from the third photo expedition for the Absaroka Tripods In The Mud project in November. It’s been a rewarding experience working with the Greater Yellowstone Coalition and ILCP so far and I’m looking forward to the next phase – hopefully, we’ll launch a traveling photo exhibit to help us protect the A-B Front. The November trip was dramatically different, with short days, big wind, wintery conditions, and ungulates beginning to move from the high country. Hunting season for elk and deer was still going on, so sightings were limited. I enjoyed observing bighorn at the start of mating season – sheep that migrate from Yellowstone. And although bears are supposed to be hibernating by early November, tracks were everywhere, as grizzlies continued to feed on gut piles left by hunters. Thanks to the Greater Yellowstone Coalition for sponsoring this Tripods In The Mud project – it speaks volumes for their commitment to protection of the A-B Front. Thanks to ILCP for supporting the initative and amplifying the call for conserving “Yellowstone’s wild side”.

jim mountain, breccia, north fork canyon

Jim Mountain Spires : Prints Available

 Volcanic breccia spires at the base of Jim Mountain catch golden morning light in North Fork Canyon.

bald eagle, north fork of the shoshone river

Bald Eagle In Snowstorm : Prints Available

An adult bald eagle fishes from a skeleton tree over the North Fork of the Shoshone River in a snowstorm.
Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Dinwoody, petroglyph, eastern shoshone

Legend Rock Petroglyph Panel Closeup : Prints Available

 Dinwoody style petroglyphs are a signature of the Eastern Shoshone, perhaps Sheepeater Indians. The Legend Rock site near Hamilton Dome is one of the most important on the Absaroka Front and remains a sprititual site for Native Americans today.
golden eagle, sagebrush ecosystem

Golden Eagle Taking Flight : Prints Available

 A golden eagle takes flight near Meeteetse, Wyoming. Golden eagles are quite common across the sagebrush ecosystem east of the Absaroka-Beartooth Front. Aquila chrysaetos
north fork of the shoshone river, autumn color

Shoshone River Winter : Prints Available

 Grasses along the banks of the North Fork Of The Shoshone River still hold their autumn color during an early season snowstorm. 
white-tailed deer, absaroka mountain range

Absaroka White-tailed Deer : Prints Available

 A pair of white-tailed deer bound across grassland against a backdrop of the mighty Absaroka Mountain Range. Odocoileus virginianus
lenticular cloud, absaroka front

Carter Lenticular Cloud : Prints Available

This massive lenticular cloud east of Carter Mountain foretells high winds on the Absaroka Front, a common occurrence.  

Barbara Cozzens of Greater Yellowstone Coalition and Park County Commissioner Joe Tilden enjoy a fireside chat on Sheep Mountain. Joe invited us on a horse ride from the Big Hat ranch that he manages.

A bighorn sheep ram follows a female during the autmn rut. Ovis canadensis North Fork of the Shoshone River Canyon, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming

Bighorn rams size up one another early in the autumn rut. The rams were sparring during my visit, a lead-up to the head-butting for the right to mate. Ovis canadensis North Fork of the Shoshone River Canyon, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming

Friend, Greater Yellowstone Coalition supporter, and Park County Commissioner Dave Burke photographing along the North Fork of the Shoshone River, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming

Tim Kellogg, well known as the Meeteetse Chocolatier and former rodeo cowboy, with his horse at the C and M Ranch near Meeteetse. Park County, Wyoming

Justin Hawkins of Cody, Wyoming enjoys a commanding view of the Absaroka Range from a high point above Elk Fork. Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming

The North Fork of the Shoshone River turns to an icy slush as temeratures drop in early winter. Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming.

A mule deer buck with his harem camouflaged in sagebrush during the autumn rut. Odocoileus hemionus Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming

A cold dawn paints Carter Mountain with magenta light. Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming

11 thoughts on “Absaroka Photo Essay

    1. And it was a BIG coffee trip! The Rawhide coffee shop in Cody makes some of the best Ethiopian coffee I’ve ever had and they seem to be open all the the time. Mmmmm! Isn’t it amusing how those little things bring joy to one’s day?

    1. Thanks a lot Todd! It’s been a great project and a priviledge to work with so many wonderful and passionate people. I look forward to going back up there with Marla when we launch the photo exhibit, maybe in February.

  1. Wonderful images, Dave. Thank you for showing people the AB Front, so they can feel it and know it, even when they’re not there themselves. Like me, taking a few minutes to escape from my work via your web site.

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