Audubon Rockies BIG Window


That’s me standing in front of the big acrylic window at Audubon Rockies’ Office in Fort Collins, CO.

Last year, Brian Rutledge of Audubon challenged me to come up with a design to fill the huge front window space at the Audubon Rockies office. After a good bit of consternation, I came up with an idea for an acrylic piece that would have no back, just images printed on plexi, with light shining through like stained glass. I sent a sketch to Tim Emerson at Duraplaq and explained my idea, to which Tim said “we can do it.” The piece is 6′ x 9′ and had to be printed in two pieces, each framed by a thick wood frame. Tim came up with a custom creative hanging system and framed it on both sides, so it looks great from the street too. There are more than fifty images and it’s quite birdy, with some wildlife and human diversity as well. This custom piece challenged me and Duraplaq, and Audubon is happy with their one-of-a-kind art piece in the big window. Thanks to Audubon for entrusting me with this project, and to Tim and the great folks at Duraplaq for taking on such a big challenge. The service and workmanship at Duraplaq is second to none!


Aaron(L) and Tim(R) from Duraplaq after a successful install.

7 thoughts on “Audubon Rockies BIG Window

    1. Thanks folks, it was a fun and challenging project. My Mac Pro really struggled with the massive file and I can’t say enough good things about how Tim at Duraplaq made the vision a reality. Audubon is happy and they have a piece that gives a visual interpretation of their conservation mission. The office is at 105 S, Mountain in downtown Fort Collins if anyone is up that way.

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