Back From The A-B Front

Warm morning light brings out the brilliant colors in autumn tundra along the Greybull Pass Trail. Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming.

I just returned from the second expedition of the Absaroka Tripods In The Mud Campaign on the east side of Yellowstone National Park (check out the blog on the ILCP site). The project is a collaboration with the Greater Yellowstone Coalition and the International League of Conservation Photographers aimed at keeping the Absaroka-Beartooth Front the way it is – free from industrialization where it’s wholly incompatible with wildlife, migrations, Western lifestyle, and recreation. The expedition was ten days with a trip to the Greater Yellowstone Coalition annual meeting in Jackson last weekend. It was great to meet the GYC staff and get to know members, to see so many passionate conservationists in one place here in the West. I got to know the landscape better on this expedition too – how things are connected, wildlife corridors, and the scale of the AB Front. I also saw first hand how devastating drilling contamination from bad fracking jobs is for people and watersheds. I’m completely convinced that the AB Front is the most important wild land remaining in the West and proud to be partnering with Greater Yellowstone Coalition to see that it stays that way.
Please check back – I’ll be posting a photo essay here soon.

4 thoughts on “Back From The A-B Front

    1. Thanks Jackson – Lots of images to process and deliver to ILCP for archiving. We’re also working with the Greater Yellowstone Coalition on a story for Nat Geo newswatch and Huffington Post online that will be released soon.

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