Back In The Game!

The Sawtooth and Mount Evans, 14,264 feet. Mount Evans Wilderness Area, Colorado

Under normal circumstances a two-mile backpack would be laughable. After starting the summer with yet another meniscus surgery, it feels like I’m a new backapacker and hiker, seeing the world all over again. Marla insisted on carrying almost everything last weekend and I used trekking poles to get up and down the easy trail to Squaretop Lakes. We had a remarkable, warm, starry night up there; all crammed in a little tent (another story for another time). Marla and Abby climbed Squaretop Mountain the next morning and I hiked to the upper lake. I didn’t make that many photos and spent part of the time laying on my belly, watching an ermin bounding across the tundra while listening to the chirping pikas and marmots. It’s going to be a busy August, trying to make up for a month and a half of PT; but it’ll be worth it. Thanks to my wife for your love and patience ~ it feels great to be back in the game.

Marla and Abby at Squaretop Lakes

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