Bison Family Portrait

“Bison Family, Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, Colorado”

One of the best things that I get to do as a photographer is hang out with the RMA bison herd. They stand for a free and wild west, and give me hope that we can find a home for wild creatures to roam. These 35 or so majestic grassland animals are genetically pure, with no cattle markers in their DNA. They can be dangerous, but their body language is quite specific – If the tail goes up and they’re not shitting, you’re inviting a 2,000 pound animal to charge at 40 miles per hour. I can respect that.

This image was made from my truck window with a 600mm lens on a Kirk window mount. I had been trying to make a famaily portrait for awhile and the youngster jumped on his mama’s back just as I framed up the image.

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