Bluebird Day


Eastern Bluuebird Males In Spring Snow, Jefferson County, Colorado

While walking Abby the labby yesterday, we came upon a big flock of eastern bluebirds who were unconcerned with us, maybe because of the miserable conditions. After our walk, I went back with my big lens and just kneeled in the snow, watching the birds fly and land all around me. They’re so colorful and animated – I could also see some with tail feathers hanging out of a horizontal hollow cottonwood branch. Birds flew in and out of the cavity, which I though held three of four of them, until 20 or 30 burst out at once. I suspect they were just huddling for warmth between sorties to gather a few seeds to make it through the storm.

6 thoughts on “Bluebird Day

    1. Thanks Cloudman! Those little guys were a very happy surprise. There were Western bluebirds at Rocky Mountain Arsenal today that really seemed to be lost with no bugs or seeds to eat. Hang on bluebirds! Warmer days are ahead.

  1. Having that many of them coming out of the tree would be an awesome sight to see. I like how you will sit and wait. That’s when nature gives us a glimpse of its beauty while taking our breath away.

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