“We’ll Give You Full Credit”

mule deer buck, Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

Mule Deer Buck in Rut : Prints Available

A massive mule deer buck tastes the air to test a doe's readiness for mating, or estrus level during rut. The behavior is called "flehmen". This image was made in the last light of day as the sun dropped behind the Rockies.  
Odocoileus hemionus

“We have a really big project and a tight deadline, love your work, and want to use several of your images. We’ll give you full credit, which will give you good exposure.” So, I ask “what’s your budget.” The voice says “we don’t have a budget for photography. Usually people just give us photos to use.” This actual conversation happens way too frequently and is remarkable in its sameness from one person to another. The person on the other end of the line gets paid a salary, health benefits, and travel expenses, has a 401K, yet expects me to work for free. So, I hit the reset button and educate another soul about professional photography. Continue reading ““We’ll Give You Full Credit””

My giant image at Vibram Boston!

My giant Tre Cime image at the Vibram fivefingers store in Boston, MA. Thanks to PJ Antonik at Vibram for kindly sharing these photos.

I’m proud to be working with a Vibram fivefingers – they’re using an enormous photograph of my Tre Cime black and white photo in their brand new Boston retail store. I must admit that it’s pretty cool to see my image this big, especially since we’ve hiked, backpacked, and trekked on Vibram soles for so many years! Continue reading “My giant image at Vibram Boston!”