Celebrate The Ordinary

Pasque Flower Bloom, Mount Galbraith Park, Jefferson County, Colorado

The second driest winter on record is turning into the driest spring anyone on the Front Range can remember. Wildflowers are wilting as soon as they bloom and last year’s tall grass is ready to burst into the next out of control wildfire emergency. But if we set aside negativity and look for what’s right, maybe even look closer than usual, we may find all sorts of beauty. I walked Mount Galbraith this morning, a foothills trail of average beauty by Colorado standards (yes, we’re spoiled) while looking for pasque flowers that were starting to bloom a little over a week ago. Today, this perrenial of the buttercup family were wilting and turning to seed, save for a few that still looked pretty with their pale purple, white, and gold stamens. I laid on my belly, sprawled out across the trail and forgot about everything while making a few macro shots. Macro is like that, any chance of success demands our full attention.

Pasque Flower Seed Plumes, Jefferson County, Colorado

Composition has to be just right with a clean background, and you have to find the point of focus that isn’t always obvious. You get to be a kid and crawl around in the dirt. After I made these images I saw so many little, tiny details in the landscape that I would have otherwise missed. And while celebrating the ordinary, I forgot to worry about the wildfires that haven’t even happened yet.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate The Ordinary

  1. Dave,

    Enjoyed your blog and, yes, isn’t it true that if we put aside the newspaper, turn off CNN or FOX, flip the radio to some classical station and just relax for awhile, we tend o notice so many more things about the good earth around us. Recently, when I was on a business trip to Boston, I went for my morning walk around the perimeter of a plaza behind my hotel. It was early morning beehive of activity with people getting on and off busses to go to work. As I walked, I made an attempt to say “Good morning” to every person I passed. You should have seen the surprised looks on the faces of people. They were so surprised by a stranger’s greeting. A couple returned my greeting. It was fun and personally satisfying. Of course, by the 3rd time around the perimeter some people were getting suspicious. What a beautiful way to start the day. I think that the sharing of your nature photographs is your way of saying “Good morning” to people, as well. They certainly brighten my day. Keep up the good work, Dave. The world’s a better place because of it.


    1. Thanks Steve, isn’t it funny that we live in a world where “good morning” is unnerving for folks?! And yeah, we’re quite over-fed by the endless stream of minutia from every direction…

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