“Climate Is Gone”

This just in from that great climatologist, “Fracking” Carl Rove. Carl tells us that “climate is gone” and “I don’t think you don’t have to worry about fracking regulations” (hydraulic fracturing – see my post “Frack It”). Well, he didn’t actually tell us, or Matt Lauer this morning. Carl was hangin’ out with polluters in Philly. Read about it here.

In spite of your scientific brilliance Mr. Rove, we’re still worrying about clean air and water… oh, and that inconvenient climate thing.

** A followup side note: I read through a bunch of hate posts (on another site – I’m not getting any hate mail yet.) aimed at environmentalists who want to stop drilling, which misses the whole point. We want to know what chemicals are in fracking fluids and regulate fracking. We tried the no science, no regulation approach and it hasn’t worked out so well.

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