Colorado Flood


Flooded home outside of Sterling, Colorado on 9/16/13.

We needed the moisture when it started raining. By the time it stopped, the damage was incalculable, access to Front Range canyons shut off, 200 people missing, towns and businesses closed. The town of Lyons won’t be habitable for six months after Saint Vrain Creek wreaked havoc when it exploded from the canyon. Unable to make photos in the canyons close to home, I headed east to photograph the flood as it crested on the South Platte River in Sterling, a wall of water marching east to Nebraska and the Missouri River. Most of my images show water flowing where it isn’t supposed to be, this image included; but here the residents appear to be snagging belongings in the swollen river, depositing them in plastic bags. It will take some time to calculate the financial loss, human and environmental impact long after the media leaves this story for the next one.

2 thoughts on “Colorado Flood

  1. I’ve been following the Colorado news as best I can, and the whole thing is absolutely mind-blowing, as has this entire monsoon season. Even out here in the deepest rain shadow of the High Sierra, there’s been substantial flash flooding and just about every backroad in greater Death Valley has washed out this summer. And that’s as nothing compared to what you guys are seeing! I hope all’s well with you personally?

    1. Hey Jackson! Great to hear from you and I gotta check in to see what you’ve been doing in your new environs… we’re fine, but lots of folks aren’t. And there are something like 11 or 12 active oil spills in the S. Platte watershed. Is there any chance we’ll learn something from thie event????

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