Dave’s New Conservation Blog!

Howdy! And welcome to my new weblog. This blogging business is all new to me and I hope to get the hang of it pretty soon. Right now it feels a bit like shouting into the dark.

I’m a Westerner and Western conservation photographer; so it makes sense to have a place to display images and talk about conservation in the American West. I’ll be blogging about my Sage Spirit project and work on the shortgrass prairie. In the continuum of conservation, we’ll probably have plenty to discuss to keep us busy for awhile. I’ll introduce places that many folks have never heard of, but are just as important as a National Park. I think I have a unique perspective of viewing the West through my lens, working with conservation leaders, and staying on top of conservation issues. I’ll be posting pretty pictures and some that aren’t so easy to look at – and hope to capture some funny stuff along the way as well. I’ll also post images when Marla and I take a big trip, sharing our sense of wonder and joy of discovery. It’s a work in progress and thanks for joining me on this journey.

Many thanks to Jack Brauer for making this weblog a reality!

The annual aspen fall color spectacle is winding down in the mountains and this image is one of my favorites from this season. The image is from Ohio Pass, west of Gunnison.

7 thoughts on “Dave’s New Conservation Blog!

  1. Dave,

    Thanks for your conservation blog. I’m looking forward to showing my mother this photo of the aspens in the fall. She was born in Denver and has always talked about how beautiful they are. I imagine this photo will make her very happy.

    Brattleboro, Vermont

    1. Elizabeth, thanks for the kind note and feel free to use the “Image galleries” link on the left to see more fall color for you and mom. Isn’t Battleboro the town with the cool art deco style buildings? My wife and I stayed there a few years ago while touring the northeast in autumn. A wonderful and relaxing trip!

      Thanks Todd and Jack – and thanks Jack for making my blog so user-friendly and set up perfect for my conservation work!

    1. Thanks Dusty – I just checked out your blog and will be bookmarking it – outstanding images! Yeah, the fall color was kind of a dud, mostly because of the damn blue skies! It’s preety funny trying to explain that to non-photogs, eh?

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