Eagle Tree

Blue Mesa Bald Eagle On Snag, Curecanti National Recreation Area, Colorado. Haliaeetus leucocephalus”

I was in Gunnison photographing for the Sage Spirit project this week and decided to check on a snag where I’d photographed a bald eagle in the winter of 2010. Sure enough, he was there two years later! Although an ornithologist friend told me that winter loafing perches are first come, first serve; I assumed it was the same eagle, back on his favorite perch. It’s a good spot too, right over open water near the dam. I just went back to the 2009 photo to see if he’s on the same branch:

“Curecanti Bald Eagle On Snag in Winter, Curecanti NRA, Colorado”

He used the higher branch in ’10. Hmmmm, maybe it’s a different bird after all!

4 thoughts on “Eagle Tree

  1. Stupid me. What distinctive features do they have to identify (fingerprint)? All the best Dave. Love your photos and writing.

        1. If a bird happened to have a band… and if you had enough lens power to read the band (photo lens/binocs/spotting scope). Since bald eagles were de-listed, routine banding of young stopped. This one will remain a mystery.

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