Gunnison’s winter of 2007/2008

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Parlin Barn Winter : Prints Available

 The winter of 2007/2008 was harsh, even by Gunnison standards. Gunnison is often called the doughnut hole by locals because winter storms sit on surrounding mountain ridges; but that didn't happen in that particular winter. It snowed with no relief and ungulates sought hay bales to avoid starvation. Eventually, the Colorado Division of Wildlife fed deer and elk from the air. Hundreds of resident pronghorn died and have since been reintroduced to the Basin. I made this image of the old barn near Parlin, a reminder of the heaviest snow cover I've ever seen. 

As another wimpy winter winds down, I’m feeling nostalgic for a full-on snow season.

4 thoughts on “Gunnison’s winter of 2007/2008

  1. Hey Dave, I’ve hoping that this winter is just winding up, not down. It seems more and more common that our winters are coming later in the year (or I should say the snowfall is coming later), such as two years ago when we had a full winter snowpack in May. I hope it happens again like that!

    1. I hope you’re right and the big dumps are just around the bend. Snowpack is inching up, but I’d really like to see big herds of ungulates in valley bottoms – winter range in the sage.

  2. I lived in Paonia that winter, and everyone was apologizing about the unusually harsh weather. I remember driving from Gunnison down to North Pass and encountering terrifying numbers of desperate deer standing in the road, with nowhere else to go. But the Yampa flows were sure good that year! As Jack said, here’s to a snowy spring!

    1. I wish that I had been working on my Sage Spirit project that year – I don’t care to see animals suffer, but that was a 100 year winter. Thanks for the story from the Big One.

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