Happy Thanksgiving News!

Dave Willoughby of Daniel, Wyoming is shrounded in fog and mule’s ear sunflowers on the South Rim above the planned Noble Basin/Upper Hoback industrial gas field in Sublette County. Dave is a member of Citizens For The Wyoming Range and a stauch advocate for protection of this critical area.

Good News! Yesterday, Jaqueline Buchanan, Forest Supervisor of the Bridger Teton National Forest announced that a new Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) will be required for Houston-based PXP Energy’s plan to drill in the Upper Hoback region of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE). That means that the process starts anew, with a full SEIS followed by a public comment period. The new SEIS wil account for all of the things we’ve learned over the last six years – road density and associated fragmentation, truck trips, threats to air and water with new monitoring techniques, threats to wildlife, like the largest population of moose in the GYE, threatened mule deer and pronghorn migrations, imperiled cutthroat trout, and endangered grizzly bears and lynx. The last go-round generated 60,000 comments, most overwhelmingly opposed to the plan that would also destroy some of the most important hunting and fishing lands anywhere. Thanks to Jacque for your courageous decision and congratulations to the good folks at Citizens For The Wyoming Range. I’m inspired by your united line in the sand and undaunting opposition while standing up for our natural and Western Heritage. Happy Thanksgiving!

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