High Desert Getaway

north window, turret arch
Turret Arch Through North Window : Prints Available

Sunrise paints North Window and Turret Arch in gold one spring morning. Arches National Park in home to the highest concentration of natural arches in the world.

With winter trying to make up its mind, we headed for the high desert of the Colorado Plateau. Winter did make up its mind, as we skirted a pileup in a whiteout near Frisco, Colorado and got snowed on in Moab, Utah. Who cares? We got out and saw some country on foot in the desert and skis on the Grand Mesa, a 10,000 foot plateau that rises from the surrounding desert landscape. What a hoot! A few images follow:

grand valley, colorado national monument

Grandview Morning : Prints Available

Morning light illuminates towering monuments of stone and rimrock above Colorado's Grand Valley. It's fascinating to study miniature high desert ecosystems on the capstone of a tower, with juniper, sagebrush, and native grasses taking hold. It's a reminder that natural history includes today.


Desert Bighorn Sheep Ewe, Colorado National Monument, Colorado Colorado National Monument provides important habitat for desert bighorns, with about 40 individuals living in and around the monument. More about these iconic creatures can be found here.

Winter in Arches National Park, Utah

Double Arch, Arches National Park, Utah


Snow Blankets Fisher Towers, outside of Moab, Utah. From Wikipedia: Fisher Towers are a series of towers made of Cutler sandstone capped with Moenkopi sandstone and caked with a stucco of red mud located near Moab, Utah. The Towers are named for a miner who lived near them in the 1880s.


Marla Hiking Up Amasa Back Under Heavy Winter Cloud Cover Spitting Snow.


Snowy Amasa Back, Near Moab, Utah.


Gnarled Juniper On Grandview Point, Colorado National Monument, Colorado.


Tenacious Sage – Sagebrush Clings to Rimrock Making A Living In A Thin Fissure.


Turret Arch, Viewed Through North Window In Pastel Light Before Sunrise. Arches National Park, Utah

13 thoughts on “High Desert Getaway

  1. Amazing pics Sho! Such a great time and so fun to see Moab with snow and also the locals looking in dismay! Thanks for a splendid desert trip!

  2. You two are amazing. So happy to know such adventurous people. We have been to Moab and saw these sights but your pictures Dave are just spectacular. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. What great pictures, Sho!!! They are really beautiful and good. I didn’t realize you took so many but glad you did.
    Thanks and glad you made the trip.. Luv, EF

  4. Such great capturing of such a superb place! Brings back memories and nostalgia. We’ve been longing to get back there…thanks for the little getaway!

  5. Great shots! It’s nice to live in the center of the universe where so many beautiful places exist radiating out in every direction.

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