“How Many Grizzlies Are Enough?”

Grizzly bear sign on the edge of the Washakie Wilderness at Jack Creek

The second article from the Absaroka Front Tripods In The Mud project with Greater Yellowstone Coalition and ILCP is on National Geographic Newswatch. Acclaimed author Douglas H. Chadwick (author of The Wolverine Way)masterfully inserts context, common sense, science, texture, and grit into a grizzly bear discourse that’s so often clouded by mythology and ungrounded fear. The article is a must read and it’s right here: “How Many Grizzlies Are Enough?”

2 thoughts on ““How Many Grizzlies Are Enough?”

    1. Thanks Monte. Doug is such a great writer, it’s almost unfair. I really love how he puts things in context, exposing our irrational fear that often results in bad behavior. Virtually every bear encounter that gets a human hurt or killed is because the human screwed up. Although I spent a lot of time looking for bears to photograph on the Absaroka Front, I’m proud to be a statistic – one in many thousands who emerged from the wild unscathed.

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