“Great Horned Owl Autumn Transition, Jefferson County, Colorado” I love the intensity of a great horned owl’s stare. Every one of them will look right through you, then slowly pivot their head, maybe even doze off for a bit. I was looking for the last golden leaves after a snowstorm when I spotted the dark form of this owl, a happy late October surprise.

6 thoughts on “Intensity

    1. I appreciate your enthusiasm (intensity), Jackson! This is just one of those cases where leaving the big lens at home helped me to include enough habitat to tell some of this owl’s story.

  1. I also agree, great shot, Dave. And, yes they do make eye contact, something nature will do far more often than man. I’m impressed how you found a clear opening among the leaves and branches. Love this shot.

  2. Beautiful. I really like the separation that the snow provides; almost 3D when you get the owl away from the concealing cottonwood bark.

    1. Thanks Bob! I hadn’t even considered the 3D aspect, but a brown cluttered hillside wouldn’t be as attractive. The image was shot at 400mm @ f11, so DOF would show some gnarliness without the snow.

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