Living On Burrowed Time VII

lindsey sterling krank, hsus

Relocating a Prairie Dog : Prints Available

 Lindsey Sterling-Krank of HSUS displays a black-tailed prairie dog ready for release at the groundbreaking Thunder basin relocation. The relocation prevented poisoning of an entire colony and was the first time priaire dogs were moved from private to public lands. The USFS joined with HSUS, Defenders, WWF, and Biodiversity Conservation Alliance for the Thunder Basin project.
Cynomys ludovicianus

The Prairie Dog Coalition held their annual “Living On Burrowed Time” fund-raising event in Boulder over the weekend; and once again it was a grand event and a big success. In just a few short years, PDC has become one of the most important conservation groups in the West and part of the Humane Society of the United States. Ted Turner was honored as Prairie Dog Protector Of The Year and spoke about his Western ranches and ranching philosophy, telling the group “we don’t kill nothin’!” Ted’s ranches have saved 250,000 prairie dogs and Ted spoke about the role of this keystone species in building healthy, sustainable ecosystems. There’s no one quite like Ted Turner, but what if more ranchers adopted his “don’t kill nothin'” philosophy? With half of the West in private land ownership, that may be our best conservation opportunity.

Congratulations to Mr. Ted Turner, Lindsey Sterling-Krank and PDC for raising awareness and making a huge difference in prairie dog ecosystems across the West!

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