“Mule Deer Buck In Tall Grass, Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, Colorado”

Late November into December is peak of the rut (mating season) at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, home to some of the largest mule deer in North America. I don’t know who measures the deer, but mule deer people are fanatical (so I believe them) and there are some very large deer on the refuge. They’re completely preoccupied with mating and easiest to photograph during the rut. I love the season too – golden grass and deer that turn copper in the warm morning and evening light make for very compelling images. I don’t go chasing deer around and mostly stay near my vehicle when I find an impressive mulie that’s fixated on a doe. I’ve been photographing at RMA for over six years now and my fascination with these majestic animals has only increased.

Non-typical Mule Deer Buck Watching a Doe

A classic shot of a buck chasing a doe

“Non-typical Mule Deer Buck Portrait” I made this image just a few days ago – one of the finest looking bucks I’ve ever seen.

“Mule Deer Buck Silhouette at Sunset”

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