My giant image at Vibram Boston!

My giant Tre Cime image at the Vibram fivefingers store in Boston, MA. Thanks to PJ Antonik at Vibram for kindly sharing these photos.

I’m proud to be working with a Vibram fivefingers – they’re using an enormous photograph of my Tre Cime black and white photo in their brand new Boston retail store. I must admit that it’s pretty cool to see my image this big, especially since we’ve hiked, backpacked, and trekked on Vibram soles for so many years!

4 thoughts on “My giant image at Vibram Boston!

  1. That looks so unbelievably good in that setting! The designer had a good “eye” for what was needed, she found you and your website and it turned out perfect. Time to go back to Italy and get some more good images, whadda say? Way to go Walt, I’m very proud of you and your work.

    1. Aw shucks! I remember vividly when we rounded a corner while traversing Croda Rosa and Tre Cime Di Lavaredo came into view. WOW! I’ll go back to Italy any time with you – just say when!

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