New Life For the Roan Plateau

Thanks to Federal Judge Marcia Krieger, the sagebrush, aspen forests, and wildlife on top of the Roan Plateau will remain wild…for awhile longer.

Last week, Federal Judge Marcia Krieger ruled that the Bureau Of Land Management must take another look at the plan to open the Roan Plateau summit to full scale industrial drilling. The Denver Post reported that the plan is set aside – for now. The Roan is among the most biologically rich places in Colorado, and as I wrote in Two Sides Of The Roan, the plateau base and western top is already developed. Why destroy the still wild eastern half? The BLM plan would develop a ridge at a time, tapping reserves along a ridgeline before advancing across the plateau top. The thousands of truck trips, noise, dust, bright lights, air and water pollution would negatively impact the wild character of a special place. Imperiled Colorado River cutthroat trout, declining mule deer, sportsmen, and recreationists would be affected as well. Thank you, Judge Krieger for standing up for our public lands. And thanks to conservationists at Rocky Mountain Wild and The Wilderness Society who’ve been in this fight from the beginning.

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