Not Out Of The Woods…

High Country News Article “Not Out Of The Woods Yet” by Emilene Ostlind

We just returned from a trip to Pinedale, Wyoming and found the December 6, 2010 issue of High Country News in the mailbox. The arrival of a fresh HCN is always worth celebrating, but this one also had Emilene Ostlind’s outstanding “Not Out Of The Woods Yet” article that’s accompanied by two of my aerial images. Emilene brings the perspective of locals who’ve hunted these lands for generations, while detailing the unique environmental threats of full-scale industrial development in sensitive forest and sage habitat situated in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. I’m thunderstruck by the list of threatened wildlife species! I made the images out of concern for the Wyoming Range on a LightHawk flight with conservation pilot Chris Boyer in August. My blog article is titled “Please Don’t Drill Here!” (There’s also a part 2) The Draft Environmental Impact Statement was just released today and a public comment opportunity will follow. Some places are simply too wild to drill!

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