Of Lizards, Bears, Flowers and Songbirds… Sage Spirit

greater short-horned lizard, shirley basin

Greater Short-Horned Lizard Closeup : Prints Available

Greater short-horned lizards, also miscalled 'horny toads' are native to the sagebrush ecosystem, living in semi-arid plains to lower mountain elevations. I photographed this female while working with PhD candidate Reilly Dibner from the University of Wyoming in Shirley Basin. Shirley Basin is situated between Casper and Medicine Bow, a wide-open and undeveloped mixed shortgrass prairie and sagebrush basin on BLM land. Although a species of special concern, Wyoming's state reptile seems to be doing well in Shirley Basin.

Holy cow! The last few months have been wild, a loose-ends tour of sorts to capture images for the coming Sage Spirit book. I feel like Johnny Cash: I’ve been to Pinedale, Jackson, Craig, Hayden, Montrose, Gunnison, Laramie, Medicine Bow, the Red Desert and places between. I guess I can’t rhyme that like Johnny. Just recently, I’ve photographed sagebrush songbirds on nests, grizzly bears, wildflowers on a ranch under conservation easement, Greater short-horned lizards, and a bunch of other stuff. I think I’m done shooting for the book and a multimedia campaign with a top U.S. publisher will be launched in the summer of 2015. Stayed tuned, and please let your conservationist friends know that partnership opportunities are available – just give me a call.


“Elkhead Ranch Paintbrush, Hayden, Colorado” Thanks to rancher Heather Stirling for sharing her magical piece of Colorado!


“One Year-old Cubs of Grizzly Sow 399, Grand Teton National park, WY”


“Sage Thrasher Eggs On Nest, Pinedale Anticline, Wyoming”

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