Ogallala Capstone

Sunrise Over Ogallala Capstone, The Nature Conservancy Fox Ranch in Yuma County, Colorado

With the Keystone XL pipeline in the news these days, this image came to mind. I made the photograph while working on my Prairie Thunder book; thinking of a way to somehow make an image of the Ogallala Aquifer, water source of the Great Plains. At the time, the most immediate threat to the Ogallala Aquifer was rapid draw down during a drought. These white sandstone blocks on a ridge above the Arickaree River are the capstone for the Ogallala formation, the aquifer system of a 174,000 square mile underground lake. The Keystone XL Pipeline would transport the world’s dirtiest oil from Canada tar sands over the Great Plains freshwater source, risking the lifeblood of middle America. It’s mind-boggling that we’re at this stage, even considering putting so much at risk for the filthiest energy on planet earth. Let’s hope President Obama keeps his promise to fight for the climate – draw a line in the sand, Mr. President.

2 thoughts on “Ogallala Capstone

  1. Beautiful image, Dave. I do hope our society will start looking at the earth as it’s life line rather than a resource to eliminate. Let’s get rid of cars and start walking again.

    1. I appreciate your insight as always, Monte. What’s troubling to me is this “all of the above energy plan” that simply means we’ll extract every hydrocarbon as fast as humanly possible under the guise of national security and jobs. Where and when do we say “not here?” Do we value any place that doesn’t have a National Park sign out in front? The calculation of rural folks as collateral damage to serve up more land for Big Oil seems so transparent…

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