Prairie Dog Week

“Black-tailed Prairie Dog Eating Grass, Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, CO”

I’ll be in prairie dog meetings the rest of this week. I’m honored to be an invited guest at the Prairie Dog Technical Meeting, which will be at Boulder Humane Society Thursday and Friday. Marla and I will also be attending the annual “Living On Burrowed Time” event on Friday night. Living On Burrowed Time is the big fund-raiser for the Prairie Dog Coalition and the event is a hoot – about as much fun as you can have at a fund-raiser, silent auction affair. It’s Boulder wearing its festive best with spontaneous and uninhibited bidding in a relaxed atmosphere. I’ve donated several images that will be auctioned.

The technical meeting is serious stuff, really it’s all serious stuff. The first prairie dog relocation to public land took place in July on Thunder Basin NG in Wyoming and more relocations are in the works. It takes a lot of resources and coordination to move the P’dogs without injury; all of which will be discussed at the technical meeting. I photographed the July relocation for HSUS’ All Animals Magazine, which comes out next week. There’s more prairie dog stuff to come!

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