Prairie Watcher

great horned owl, nocturnal

Prairie Watcher : Prints Available

 An adult great horned owl watches an area where grassland meets riparian from his perch on the historic Lindsey barn. Great horned owls are mostly nocturnal, but I frequently see them in daylight.

This great horned owl is living the good life, with a spacious barn providing both shelter and perch to hunt for small mammals moving through prairie grass. I’ve seen him in daylight a few times, just yesterday here he was, hanging out in the mid-morning sun, sheltered from a ferocious wind. Courtship begins next month and he’ll have a good nesting site in the old barn. At 22″ tall, Bubo viginianus are by far our largest owl. They like rabbits and skunks, so it’s good to have them around, keeping both from overruning the earth. Imagine a world of skunks and thank a great horned owl.

4 thoughts on “Prairie Watcher

    1. Thanks Martha! They are fascinating, aren’t they? The great horned populate all of North America except the arctic, yet we don’t often see them – until we know where to look 🙂

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