Roan Plateau Spared!


Aerial view of the Roan Plateau surface on the wild side of the plateau, near Rifle, Colorado. Aerial support provided by LightHawk.

The Roan Plateau is such an extraordinary place, a jewel in Colorado and until now, one the most imperiled places in the West. It’s a big part of the reason that I started working in the sagebrush ecosytem when I was trying to reckon with the impact of energy development sweeping the West at the start of the fracking boom. Today, the wild side of the Roan is no longer imperiled. A compromise announced yesterday ended a protracted dispute, a triangle of energy developers, conservationists, and the Department of the Interior. For this moment, we can forget about mistakes that led to gas leases sold for development on the surface of this unique and special landscape and just celebrate the spirit of collaboration and resulting good outcome that keeps the West a little wilder. The Wilderness Society, Conservation Colorado, and others led the opposition to drilling the Roan, and many regular folks added their voices, reaching a pitch that couldn’t be ignored. It’s a great day for Colorado and the American West.

8 thoughts on “Roan Plateau Spared!

  1. Great news, Dave! You certainly deserve thanks for your part in it. Meanwhile, I’m happy that my list of wild places to visit in Colorado just keeps getting longer, with the Roan remaining on it.

  2. Glad to see your talents so persistently applied have made someone aware. Thank you Dave, and here’s to the next successful effort!

    1. I’d say OUR talents collectively applied. Many thanks for your friendship and support. The Sage Spirit book is coming along and will feature several images from our flights together.

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