Rocky Mountain Arsenal’s New V.C., 1st Look

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is ready to unveil their new LEED Gold visitor center, with the official opening slated for May 21. Volunteers were invited to tour the VC last night, so Marla and I jumped at the chance. I was commissioned to create two huge murals for the exhibits and was happy to see that they look as good as I had hoped.

The first thing visitors will see when they arrive is this bison exhibit with my 11 x 26 foot mural as the backdrop. I stitched together 12 vertical images to make this gigantic panorama.

I made this summer mural last June when the sand sage greened up and included a view of Denver for reference. This one is 11 x 16 feet and I stitched two rows of 12 images to make this mural. Marla is the model on the phone with coyotes, I believe.

Bison Love.

It’s an exciting time for the refuge, a full circle journey from native prairie, homesteader farms, bomb/WMD/pesticide factories, and back to wild prairie. The visitor center is world class and there are big plans for the refuge. I’ll be adding new posts about RMA when the VC opens officially and plans are announced.

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