Sage Spirit – Coming Soon…


Autumn Bull Moose, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Not smiling, just a glimpse of flehmen behavior during the fall rut.

The moose kind of looks like he has something to say, so I’ve posted him to announce that the Sage Spirit book is now on the Braided River Publishing website. The book and campaign are coming in early summer of 2015, well before the Greater Sage-grouse ESA listing decision in September, 2015. I’ve been working closely with the amazing Braided River staff all of this year, pulling the book together. We have several top author contributors, and have established partnerships with leading conservation groups. It’s a team effort to tell this western conservation story with one of the top publishers in the land. We have ambitious plans for the book and campaign and I’m really fortunate to be a Braided River photographer and author. Coming soon…

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