Sage Spirit Cover!


Cover image of Sage Spirit – The American West At A Crossroads. The book and campaign will be launched with Braided River Publishing in July.

At last, the Sage Spirit book is in the homestretch and we’re planing our outreach campaign. Braided River Publishing is an amazing group of talented pros and we’re working hard to get this book published and share the story. None other than David Allen Sibley, Todd Wilkinson, Rick Bass, and biologist Pat Magee have made major contributions to the text. Always with something to say, I’ve written a fair amount too. We’ve included profiles of some important Westerners and can’t wait to share the story – Braided River and our major partners Audubon, The Wilderness Society, and the Sierra Club all have ambitious plans for the campaign. Together we can conserve and pass on a sustainable American West. Stay tuned!

16 thoughts on “Sage Spirit Cover!

  1. Wow Dave. Let me know when it is done. Will be good to read. Hopefully 50% of the birds will not be extinct by the time it is published!


  2. Man Dave, really a GREAT accomplishment. How many people can do what you continue to do to promote our heritage. My honor to have worked with you & know you. There are too few in the world like you.

  3. Congratulations, Dave… it’s been a long time in coming! You’ve succeeded in capturing the Sage Spirit right on the cover… well done! Can’t wait to get my hands on the finished product!

  4. Dave,What an amazing cover shot. I’m so excited for you and cannot wait to see the rest of the photos and read the book.

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