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pronghorn, stewart peak

Cochetopa Pronghorn : Prints Available

A band of pronghorn stands in golden light backed by pyramid-shaped Stewart Peak (13,989'). Pronghorn were wiped out in the Gunnison Basin by the heavy snows during the winter of 2007. They simply had nowhere to go to find food as snow piled up in feet. Colorado Parks and Wildlife reintroduced pronghorn and they've recovered well, particularly in the Cochetopa Hills region where I photographed this group. 

Antilocapra americana

I’ve been working hard on the Sage Spirit conservation project during my break from blogging – it’s not because I ran out of things to say. It’s an exciting time to be planning completion of fieldwork, writing, lining up partnerships, planning for the book and multimedia campaign, and developing an advocacy plan for the imperiled sagebrush ecosytem. I’m working with an amazing group of people at one of the top publishers in the U.S. and I’m grateful for their support. This post isn’t about making a big announcement, just to let folks know that all of these plans are in the works, so please stay tuned. The fieldwork will wrap up in June of 2014 and we will roll out the book and multimedia campaign in 2015. In the meantime, I’m available to photograph on assignment, present to any size group, and assist with stock photography requests.

* Fieldwork is expensive and I’d be grateful for your donation – it’s easy and tax-deductible, just click on the green Donate button (upper left) on this blog. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Sage Spirit Project

  1. Gorgeous shot, Dave! I love the dappled light on the antelope and the peaks. I remember driving through that area in the winter of 2007, terrified of hitting the starving deer who had nowhere to stand besides the plowed road. The Gunnison Basin is the one part of Colorado where I really get the same vast, empty, haunted feeling that I associate more with the northern Rockies.

    Will your Sage Spirit work be bringing you out here to Nevada at all?

    1. Thanks as always for the kind feedback, Jackson. I won’t be including Nevada in the Sage Spirit project. The geography for Sage Spirit is the east side of the Rockies, from Greater Yellowstone to Telluride, with Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico added for sandhill crane winter habitat. It would be cool to do an epic project of the entire ecosystem, but the conservation issues differ significantly on each side of the Continental Divide. Nevada is more arid with heavy grazing pressure, while the east side is bearing much of the country’s energy burden. These are of course broad generalizations and all of the sagebrush ecosystem is imperiled. Maybe Nevada for the next project…

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