To Yellowstone


“Elk Antler Over Hellroaring Creek” Yellowstone National Park, WY

When the high mountains are still locked in winter’s icy grip, Yellowstone’s sagebrush hillsides, meadows, and ponderosa forests are buzzing with life. To move through Yellowstone is life-giving, so many powerful forces in motion in this dynamic landscape, new fawn, calf, owlet, cub; a time of renewal. We backpacked around the Hellroaring Creek drainage, then went to Bozeman, before finishing up with a week of (mostly video) photography. Yellowstone gives up her secrets in brief, astonishing moments. A wolf running full speed across the sage, grizzly sow with three cubs of the year, golden eagle gliding over the Lamar River, the SLAP of a beaver tail on Slough Creek. Some moments get photographed, most don’t, and that’s just fine. Time in Yellowstone is guaranteed to inspire. My photo essay follows Continue reading “To Yellowstone”

Camera Shy


Camera Shy – a Greater Sage-grouse male displays on the wrong side of my camera. Sublette County, WY

A lighter side outtake from my Sage Spirit project: In 2010, I set up a DSLR camera with a Pocket Wizard remote trigger and wrapped the whole thing in sagebrush and camo on a lek (mating ground) south of Pinedale, Wyoming. The Sage-grouse were very active that morning and this particular male didn’t mind the camera, he was just on the wrong side. The idea here was to make a wide angle view of grouse on a lek, and although it didn’t work out…yet, there will be another try with a different setup next season. Greater Sage-grouse are a candidate species for protection under the Endangered Species Act, with a listing decision scheduled for September 30, 2015. With all the misinformation and ill-informed media attempts to divide, it would be easy to overlook great collaborative work happening in the West – folks from all sides are coming together to conserve habitat for Greater Sage-grouse and the suite of species who rely on unbroken sagebrush landscapes to thrive. It’s a central part of our story. In partnership with Audubon Rockies, The Wilderness Society, and The Sierra Club, Sage Spirit, The American West At A Crossroads will be published by Braided River in July of this year.

“Hunting A New Kind Of Fugitive In The West”

Hunting A New Kind Of Fugitive In The West Video <- click on the link to the left <-

I was contacted by the Bill Lane Center For The American West at Stanford University a few years ago, and we worked together on this video piece. I provided some of the still imagery, mostly aerial photos over the natural gas fields in the Upper Green River Basin. The “fugitive” is the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) leaking into the atmosphere from gas wells, nasty, toxic stuff. The video does a good job of addressing how clean this natural gas drilling process really is. I’ve often held the opinion that we need to separate the issues associated with the fracking process and habitat fragmentation – human health and ecosystem health. Maybe it’s all rolled into one big toxic mess.

Happy Birthday Yellowstone NP!


Grizzly Bear Daydream, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yesterday was Yellowstone’s 143rd anniversary as a national park. Yellowstone remains the crown jewel of our national park system, a global symbol for both conservation and foresight. Yellowstone is one of the largest intact temperate-zone ecosystems on Earth – a fully functioning ecosystem. To me, it symbolizes our better selves and what’s possible when we act on our dreams. Happy Birthday Yellowstone!