The Fracking Truth

Questar Gas Rig and Fracking Pond on the Pinedale Anticline, Pinedale Mule Deer Winter Range. Sublette County, WY

It seems people everywhere are questioning what’s in the “proprietary” hydraulic fracturing compounds that gas companies are pumping into the earth across the U.S. Wyoming stands alone as the most progressive state on this matter, requiring energy companies to disclose the chemistry of their fracking fluid, cancer causing chemicals and all. The rest of the states are hiding behind the “Halliburton Loophole“, Dick Cheney’s lasting gift to the American people. This article, “Truth Comes Out On Fracking Toxins” is one of the more comprehensively damning pieces about “earth fucking” that I’ve seen.

Maybe we’re resigned to gas rigs blanketing the U.S, but you’d think we could at least regulate the industry and know what chemicals to look for in our ground water. Tell your elected officials that you want natural gas drilling regulated, by clicking on this NRDC link then clicking on Yellowstone/Greater Rockies. Thanks for adding your voice!

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