The Green Sage Spirit “Donate” Button

white-tailed prairie dog, keystone species

White-Tailed Prairie Dog Bark : Prints Available

 It's more like a chirp and prairie dogs aren't dogs... There are five species of prairie dogs in North America and all are imperiled due to habitat loss and a host of other reasons. These rodents are primarily sage dwellers and a keystone species for the ecosystem. Prairie dogs can communicate in sentences and form strong family bonds. 

Announcing the new green donate button for the Sage Spirit project! My Sage Spirit conservation project requires extensive travel and funding to be able to make images and tell the story. The new green button to the upper left allows donors to give in a tax deductible way that helps me stay in the field doing project work. I’m working with a great publisher with big plans for a book, multimedia, social media, speaking engagements, a traveling photo exhibit and more. I’m targeting next year (2014) to complete the project and need to raise roughly $36,000 for field expenses. Contributing is a piece of cake: Click the “Donate Now” button which will take you to the Sage Spirit page – click that “Donate Now” button and make a contribution, noting Sage Spirit. That’s it. You’ll get a tax-deductible receipt and Laramie Audubon Society, my awesome fiscal sponsor will cut me a check. Thanks for your support and feel free to tell your friends!

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