Tripods In The Sky – National Geographic Newswatch

Shirley Basin Wind Farm, Carbon County, Wyoming – LightHawk Aerial Support

My Lighthawk mission from earlier this month is featured as a “Tripods In The Sky” piece in National Geographic Newswatch. “Sage Spirit, The Changing Renewable Energy Landscape” pairs my images from the mission with a short essay that I wrote to challenge the assumption that all renewable energy development is a panacea for our energy ills. Tripods In The Sky is a collaborative effort of the International League of Conservation Photographers and LightHawk that highlights conservation projects around the globe. “These two conservation pioneers are embarking on missions around the world to bring back images of threatened landscapes and animals before it’s too late.” Thanks to ILCP and LightHawk for supporting my Sage Spirit conservation project through the Tripods In The Sky initiative.

2 thoughts on “Tripods In The Sky – National Geographic Newswatch

    1. Thanks Muddy! Yep, I’m working on a new conservation book project with a working title of “Sage Spirit”. The West is changing fast and I’m working with stakeholders across the West in hopes of protecting the remaining important and sensitive places.

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