Vote The Environment

Turn on the boob tube these days and you’ll get an earful of he said, she said political extremism that’ll make your head spin – with pundits putting a daily spin on polls from every perspective… except the environment. It boggles my mind that in this economy first atmosphere, candidates can’t take a breath and give us their position on environmental issues. Oh sure, we still hear echoes of the Drill Baby Drill chant and we’ve turned away from the disaster in the Gulf after the hemorhaging stopped, (did the millions of gallons of oil magically disappear?) but shouldn’t we know something about candidates vision to solve the looming energy crisis? What about climate change? And don’t we have a right to clean air and water? As I was thinking about this post, I visited Patagonia’s Vote The Environment page and took the time to view League of Conservation Voters scores for elected officials. I guess I forgot that some politicicans vote for the environment 0% of the time. How is that possible?

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