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A screen shot of The Photographer’s Ephemeris from my desktop. I also have TPE on my iPhone and Macbook Pro.

My friend Michael Forsberg recently asked what apps I have loaded on my iPhone for photography. So, I thought it would make a fun blog post and hopefully some of you good folks will chime in with some apps you find helpful. Here’s my list:

1. My number one photo app is The Photographer’s Epheremeris. In an instant, I can find sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset data in a Google Earth based application for anywhere in the world. It’s $8.99 and invaluable.

2. I recently bought the entire Audubon Field Guides and I’m using it a lot more than I thought I would. You can find a critter, tree, or wildflower in a variety of ways, listen to bird songs, ID footprints… It’s a powerful app in a small package and I can leave the books behind. It’s my most expensive app and a no-brainer for me. $14.99

3. is pretty cool, but doesn’t always work perfectly. Nevertheless, I like the idea of pointing my phone at a mountain range and identifying the peaks. Instant gratification.

4. Starwalk is a great way to extend your day by knowing what constellations you’re photographing. There are a number of star viewing apps and Star walk seems pretty reliable. It’s $2.99. Like Warren Zevon said “sleep when you’re dead.”

5. Want to know the hyperfocal distance for 24mm at F16 when you’re sleep deprived out of your skull from shooting stars all night? Just click on your DOFmaster app and enter the F-stop and focal length. It’s free, which automatically makes it cool.

6. Hipstamatic is just fun. ‘Nuf said.

7. Sheesh! I almost forgot Google Earth. Truthfully, I usually use Google Earth on a bigger screen, but I still like having it in my pocket!

8. Want to know your dining options at the next exit off the Interstate? iExit is your hot ticket. Open the app and restaurants, gas stations, and lodging are at your fingertips. At $.99 it’s a bargain.

9. You’re in a new environment and want to stretch your legs but don’t have a map. No problem. Just open your maplets app and pull up the map for a nearby trail – on your phone! George Jetson wouldn’t believe it.

10. What direction am I going? Where’s west? There’s a bunch of compass apps available. I’ve downloaded several for free and use them all the time. It’s not bad for a guy to know where he’s going. Really.

That’s my top ten. Which awesome apps have I missed?

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Photo Apps

  1. Hey Dave, nice post! I just downloaded the Audubon app and A brief initial test of on my porch looking around Ouray got things more or less spot on! Should be a fun one to use, along with StarWalk which is always a crowd pleaser.

    MotionX GPS is a fun one for hiking – keeps track of your route, speed, altitude, etc, and overlays it on Google satellite.

    Also, not related to photos or hiking, but possibly to conservation, is PaperKarma, with which you take photos of your junk mail and they will automatically try to unsubscribe you from those mailing lists.

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