Wyoming Range Comments

Mule Deer Does at Sunset, Sublette County, Wyoming

The deadline for comments on the proposed PXP drilling of Noble Basin in the Wyoming Range is March 11. This plan to drill in the Greater Yellowstone, right in the migration path of mule deer and pronghorn, is protested by every user group that is familiar with this special place. Commenting is really easy and it’s so important that our voices be heard. Just go to the Citizens For The Wyoming Range site, watch the video and click on the link to submit a comment. The number of comments on this plan are approaching a record!

If you’re wondering why it matters to comment on a place you may never know, may never see, consider that we’re talking about the Greater Yellowstone. Sure the National Parks are protected, but wildlife and people need wild places in the buffer lands around the parks. Roadless wilderness in the West, places where generations of people hunt and fish, hike, bird watch, and just be in nature are becoming increasingly rare. This isn’t some extremist position against energy development; it’s regular folks standing against the destruction of a special place. If you care about Yellowstone, if you care about the West, please tell the US Forest service that this place is too special to drill.

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