Wyoming’s (very) Snowy Range

We just made a trip over the 4th to the Snowy Range in Wyoming’s Medicine Bow National Forest.The Snowies remain one of my favorite places from my early years in the West and my very first backpacking trip with Marla. This little range packs a lot of beauty and diversity into a small package.

old main, snowy range

Lake Marie Ice Reflection : Prints Available

 Old Main and the face of the Snowy range reflected in Lake Marie ice, early July.

snowy range, lake marie

Ice Patterns II : Prints Available

 Snow fingers and ice carress a Snowy range reflection in a small patch of open water on Lake Marie.

lake marie, snowy range

Ice Patterns : Prints Available

 An ice abstract image on Lake Marie with just enough Snowy Range reflection to look like stained glass in nature.
snowy range, old main

Old Main Detail : Prints Available

 A heavy snowpack still clings to the rock faces on the eastern flanks of the Snowy Range. 
tarn, timberline

Sunset Tarn : Prints Available

 An unnamed tarn reflects sunset light in early July. The forest near timberline still holds a remarkable snowpack well into summer.
snowy range, first light

Snowy Range Sunrise Clouds : Prints Available

 Puffy pink clouds drift over the Snowy Range high peaks as first light grazes the ridge tops.

snow, medicine bow peak

Medicine Bow East Face : Prints Available

 July snow on the east face of Medicine Bow Peak.

Marla gets ready to ascend the snowy ridge in the backdrop ~ she came back for snowshoes!

2 thoughts on “Wyoming’s (very) Snowy Range

    1. Thanks Cloudman! It was a lot of fun picking out smaller details withg my super-sharp and ancient 80-200 lens. I’d love to go back in a few weeks when flowers are bursting from the tundra.

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